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Bowburn Banner Parade (14.07.07)

Banner 2007
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Bulb Planters of the world Unite! (16.11.06)

getting instructions at the start

hard at work
hard at work

bulb planting
I am working (honest!)

spreading the bulbs around

more willing adult helpers

Reunion time - November 2006

reunion ppicture: Karen Salkeld & Bev Seaton

A picture from Karen Salkeld who recently went to Wales to visit an old friend and Bowburn ex-pat Bev Seaton.










Durham Big Meeting - July 2006

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Galleries 1 & 2 courtesy of Gary Hutchinson

Galleries 3, 4 & 5 courtesy of Rose Stoker

Thanks to them both from bowburnet - especially to Rose who was covering for me while I was in Hospital.
(and this was the 1st time she had used my camera.)

Villagers Abroad - Summer 2006

What do villagers get up to on vacation? well, looking at these they certainly enjoy themselves!

Hockaday holidayLeia and Thomas Hockaday on Holiday in Palma Nova, Majorca 












Hockaday holiday This time enjoying the pool












Hutchinson holidayPamela and Keir Hutchinson on holiday in Magaluf Majorca 












Hutchinson holidayDavid Masson Keir Hutchinson on holiday in Magaluf.